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The best running routes in Scotland

Scotland is home to some of the best running routes anywhere in the world.  At Gallus Running our goal is to share those routes with you and make finding your ideal route easier.  We have created a rich evolving database of route information that is easy to search or just browse.  You will find pictures for each route along with descriptions, directions, key data and maps.

Looking for inspiration ?

The site gives you several options for getting some inspiration for your runs.  The welcome page contains a summary overview of many of the routes available on the site.  The gallery page gives you a random selection of pictures with links to the full information.  Next if you are looking for a race, then the races page has some of the great races available in Scotland (and a few beyond).  And of course, the search page allows you to zoom in on locations or set a minimum or maximum distance.  How easy have we made it for you.

The birth of a running route

Research is the key.  For each route that appears on the site, many more are discarded, many wrong turns erased, and some are even combined.  We use local knowledge, web and map searches, recommendations from fellow runners or even our hill walking friends to locate a possible route.  Once identified we run that route, only this way do we feel comfortable putting it on the site if it is good enough.  Pictures are processed and categorised, descriptions are written, directions are detailed and slimmed down GPX files are created.

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