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Glasgow Running Routes

Glasgow Running Routes

We spend a lot of time researching the web for additional inspiration for running routes across Scotland. Sadly a lot of information is provided by giant automated sites which don't give you a real feel for the route you are looking for. A giant dumping ground of runs. However, look at what the people at Glasgow Running Routes have put together for you if you are lucky to be in, or visiting, the Glasgow area.

Before Covid we travelled a lot through work and finding good running routes in cities is a tough one. You can try Strava and similar, but you can end up with too much information about poor routes. Ask at the reception at the hotel and sometimes a map would be produced that only really took you to the nearest park. Runners need a bit more than that.

We know the folks at Glasgow Running Routes are keen runners eager to share their knowledge. In that we have something similar. Check them out at Glasgow Running Routes.


General news and closures

Route closure and news

Mar 21 - the COVID travel restrictions continue to wreck our planned surveys of new routes, but we do have some crackers planned. The month by month gallery is up to date including March, so only 7 months to go !

Nov 20 - the picture gallery continues to grow and so do our calendar pages. Ok so there are only two right now with the release of "December", but every month going forward a new page is created. The images are taken during the choosen month, just to give you and idea of what to expect. Use the gallery menu for access.

Nov 20 - our server has been upgraded and performance should now improve. Images are now stored off the main server to allow for faster download.

Oct 20 - a link has been placed on the search page and detailed route pages to allow you to get driving, or public transport, instructions to the start point from your current location. This feature opens up a seperate window and uses Google Maps. Location services need to be available to automatically set the starting point as the current location.

Oct 20 - We have removed the need to login to download GPX fiels for all the routes on the site. In addition you also have access to view the routes on the OS map format without need to login.

New routes

New routes

Dec 20 - the Sheriffmuir loop from Logie Kirk has been added to the site. Nice country road run with some good climbs along the way.

Nov 20 - two new routes have been added from the village of Callander. These both take in the Bracklinn falls with the longer route given you a lovely remote out and back. Use the search engine to locate the start car park.

Nov 20 - the section of the West Highland Way from Rowardennan up to Loch Arklet has finally been documented and put on the site.

Routes are added onto the site frequently from either new runs or from our backlog. Some routes however never it make it through and these are the ones that we wouldn't do again, so why recommend them to someone else. New routes will feature on the database driven welcome page which gives a quick overview of some of the routes currently on the site.

We are always open to suggestions for routes so please use our contact page is there is something in particular that you would recommend.


What's next

Next for Gallus Running

In November 2020 the web server has been upgraded and our vast images catalogue moved into seperate cloud storage to improve overall performance.

We have removed the need to login for GPX downloads and access to the OS maps for a trial period of time. OS maps will of course be limited to routes in the UK.

Our main effort will be within the area of restrictions. One of our pet hates when you are really looking forward to a run only to find the area closed off after you are well into the route. This will be a map based service indicating all the areas where running is limited due to work such as tree harvesting. Where one of our routes cross into an area where a restiction is in play you will be notified. This is both a technology and communications challenge but at least the technology part is almost landed.

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