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Run Lochgoilhead to Ardentinny

Run Lochgoilhead to Ardentinny

36.3 Kms
Elevation gain
479 m
Max elevation
117.5 m
Out and back
Route id
Main road
0 Kms
Country road
19.6 Kms
Dirt road
12.9 Kms
Dirt path
0 Kms
3.8 Kms
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Route summary

The Run Lochgoilhead to Ardentinny route is a trail and small country road run within Loch Lomond and the Trossachs. The out and back covers a distance of
36.33 Kms ( 22.57 miles )
and has an elevation gain of
479 m ( 1572 feet )

First time back in Lochgoilhead for many years and a sense of exploration as not sure if our planned route to Ardentinny would actually be achievable. Information available online on the part of the route after Carrick Castle was rather vague about the path and quality. However, it all went well.
So we parked up at the car park in the centre of Lochgoilhead and were treated to a lovely misty morning. We started running back along the small road we came on, before corssing the bridge and taking the road on the left towards Carrick. We did find the alternative way on the way back going around the golf course but this makes a wee bit of a loop. To the west of Lochgoilhead it is mainly holiday home and lets but the views down the loch are lovely and you are soon away from it all. The road has the occaisional car on it but it is by no means a busy road.
It is worth taking some time to go onto some of the small beaches you pass to take in the setting. We have included some pictures to give you an idea of what is like. After about
8 Kms
you see Carrick ahead and then Carrick Castle. As mentioned, we had a misty morning on the photo day so the pictures were lovely.
Just after the castle the tarred road ends and you end up on a dirt road which itself gives way to a trail path heading around Ardnahein Farm. The route now starts to get interesting and after a short period loch side you start the first main climb of the day. This part is good trail path but can be a little overgrown in places. Wet days in this section can be slippy especially on the way back coming downhill. This section is about
1.9 Kms
and takes you up onto the forest road and from there a downhill section towards Loch Long. Lovely views along this part if you ignore the military presence on the other side of the loch.
15 Kms
you have another big climb before heading downhill and to the loch beside Ardentinny. Although we decided to call it an end at Ardentinny forest car park the village is close by and reachable be the small country road. For this run we then headed back the way we came and tried not to think too much about the climbs. The mist had left Lochgoilhead when we arrived back though the sun had decided to stay hidden.
We took the wooden footbridge at the golf club for the way back into the village which was a nice way to finish. One of these great lochside car parks we have in Scotland that feel even better after completing a long run.
Route directions
Starting point is Lochgoilhead car park

From the car park turn left and follow the B839 to the small bridge

Turn left after the bridge

Keep on the main road

Past the castle on the left

Onto dirt road

Follow the trail on the right

On reaching the main forest road turn teft

Follow the dirt road to the left

Left and downhill

A left at the boat house to get to the beach

With Ardintinny in view this was our turning point to head back

Keep right

Keep right

Turn right and onto the trail

Back onto the dirt road and turn left

Take the footbridge over the river on your left

Follow the path around the golf course

Keep to the path near the shore and go through the gates

At the main road turn right onto the main road and back to the car park

And back to the car park. Hope you have brought a wee picnic to enjoy the recovery.

Lochgoilhead car park
Lochgoilhead  : 587_sm_001.jpg
A misty morning at the car park
Lochgoilhead car park
Lochgoilhead  : 587_sm_002.jpg
Onto the Carrick Castle road
Lochgoilhead  : 587_sm_003.jpg
Onto the small road towards Carrick Castle
Heading down Loch Goil
Lochgoilhead  : 587_sm_006.jpg
Looking down Loch Goil
Heading down Loch Goil
Lochgoilhead  : 587_sm_007.jpg
Heading down Loch Goil
Lochgoilhead  : 587_sm_008.jpg
Entering Carrick Castle village
Lochgoilhead  : 587_sm_009.jpg
Welcome to the village
Carrick Castle
Lochgoilhead  : 587_sm_010.jpg
The castle looking south
Carrick Castle
Lochgoilhead  : 587_sm_011.jpg
The castle looking north. How nice is this
Going around the farm
Lochgoilhead  : 587_sm_012.jpg
Road leading to the farm
Going around the farm
Lochgoilhead  : 587_sm_013.jpg
Take the trail on the right
Going around the farm
Lochgoilhead  : 587_sm_014.jpg
Well sign posted
Going around the farm
Lochgoilhead  : 587_sm_015.jpg
Going around the farm
Lochgoilhead  : 587_sm_016.jpg
Back out in the open
Going around the farm
Lochgoilhead  : 587_sm_032.jpg
Trail section after the farm
Lochgoilhead  : 587_sm_017.jpg
Gate marks the start of the first big climb
Trail section after the farm
Lochgoilhead  : 587_sm_031.jpg
Last look up Loch Goil
Trail section after the farm
Lochgoilhead  : 587_sm_018.jpg
Can get slippy when raining
Trail section after the farm
Lochgoilhead  : 587_sm_019.jpg
Trail section after the farm
Lochgoilhead  : 587_sm_020.jpg
Path improves for a short section
Trail section after the farm
Lochgoilhead  : 587_sm_021.jpg
Trail section after the farm
Lochgoilhead  : 587_sm_029.jpg
Loch Long
Trail section after the farm
Lochgoilhead  : 587_sm_030.jpg
Trail section after the farm
Lochgoilhead  : 587_sm_022.jpg
End of the trail and start of forest road
Forest roads beside Loch Long
Lochgoilhead  : 587_sm_023.jpg
The forest road going towards Ardentinny
Watch what you eat
Lochgoilhead  : 587_sm_028.jpg
Watch what you eat on the way
Approaching Ardentinny
Lochgoilhead  : 587_sm_024.jpg
Ardentinny in the distance
Approaching Ardentinny
Lochgoilhead  : 587_sm_025.jpg
Approaching Ardentinny
Lochgoilhead  : 587_sm_026.jpg
Road starts to descend towards Ardentinny
Ardentinny from the beach
Lochgoilhead  : 587_sm_027.jpg
Down on the beach and turning point
Approaching Lochgoilhead
Lochgoilhead  : 587_sm_033.jpg
Almost finished
Last section
Lochgoilhead  : 587_sm_004.jpg
Lolchgoilhead information sign
Last section
Lochgoilhead  : 587_sm_005.jpg
Footbridge to golf course path
Last section
Lochgoilhead  : 587_sm_034.jpg
The loch without any mist
Last section
Lochgoilhead  : 587_sm_035.jpg
Path around the golf course
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