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Strathearn marathon

Strathearn marathon

42.1 Kms
Elevation gain
439 m
Max elevation
237 m
Route id
Main road
10 Kms
Country road
32.2 Kms
Dirt road
0 Kms
Dirt path
0 Kms
0 Kms
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Directions to start point
Cost :
The base entyy cost for unaffiliated runners in 2019 was 24 GBP.
When :
The race is held at the start of June.
42.12 Kms
Start :

Culttybraggan camp.

End :
Back at the camp.
Style :
Size :

Some years the amount of runners is smaller.

Elevation :
439 m
Max Elevation :
237 m
Entry opens
Entry opens at the start of the year.
RACE DESCRIPTION - Strathearn marathon
Route summary

The Strathearn marathon route is a country road run within Perthshire, Kinross & Angus. The loop covers a distance of
42.12 Kms ( 26.17 miles )
and has an elevation gain of
439 m ( 1440 feet )

Getting In
This is generally an easy race to get into right up until a few days before the event. At the time of writing entry this was through Entry Central.
Getting there
This race is not too difficult to get to from central Scotland. The Cultybraggan site is about a 30 minute drive from the A9 running between Stirling and Perth. Public transport options are more difficult and may involve an overnight stay.
The race web site includes travel information.
No expo just a simple number pick up.
No pre runs but if you are staying in the area there are some good runs available.
Race day
A drive of less than an hour took us to the unusual start location of Cultybraggan. Although the roads there are quiet they are narrow so take care looking out for other cars and wild animals. The world war two prisoner camp site is strange in the early morning with the pre race period feeling rather unreal. That said, it is a small marathon and the people you meet are friendly with folks willing to chat.
A piper plays and you are off on the start on one of the country roads around the camp. This race tricks you with a bit of a downhill for the first
0.5 Kms
before the first round of torture starts. Over the next
8 Kms
it is nearly all uphill, with a short downhill section about
4 Kms
in. At about
5.5 Kms
you leave the small country road and join the main B827 road.
The race has a few more hills for you to tackle along the way, these being at
17 Kms
23 Kms
30 Kms
with each one being slightly smaller than the one before. The last
3 Kms
are also on an upward incline just to finish you off in style.
A short section of the race is on the main A822 and there feels like a lot of traffic. Mostly though the country roads have very few cars and it all feels rather relaxing. Well as relaxing as you can with all the elevation. During the second half of the race the runners are well spread out and you can feel like you are out on your own at times.
This is a small event so don't expect large crowds along the way. The people you do see are very supportive though with the biggest gatherings near to Crieff and in the village of Comrie.
The finish
A giant red squirrel meets you at the road leading to the camp and is always good for a high five. No idea why things like that give you a wee boost, but it was appreciated. It feels like huge crowds at the finish line and a tough marathon completed.
This race is famous for the cakes and soup post run. Get those legs filled.
Where to stay
Various options are available in Comrie and beyond. The race also offers overnight camping at the camp for a small charge. Information on that is also available on the race web site.
There are no directions logged for this route. This is normal if the route is a race.
Cultybraggan camp
Strathearn marathon. The old prisoner huts
The old prisoner huts
Cultybraggan camp
Strathearn marathon. Ample car parking on race day
Ample car parking on race day
Cultybraggan camp
Strathearn marathon. Road into the camp and finish line
Road into the camp and finish line
Road from the camp
Strathearn marathon. Starts off flat, for a short time
Starts off flat, for a short time
Starting to go down hill
Strathearn marathon. That first section is tough
That first section is tough
Heading back towards Comrie
Strathearn marathon. By this time you are not seeing many people
By this time you are not seeing many people
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