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San Francisco marathon

San Francisco marathon

42.2 Kms
Elevation gain
302 m
Max elevation
123.5 m
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Main road
42.2 Kms
Country road
0 Kms
Dirt road
0 Kms
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0 Kms
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Cost :

USD 193 at 2020 prices

When :
July, though November in 2020
42.19 Kms
Start :

The race starts down beside the famous Ferry Builing

End :
The race ends close to the Ferry Building..
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Size :

Estimate of numbers

Elevation :
302 m
Max Elevation :
123.5 m
Entry opens

Before the year end

RACE DESCRIPTION - San Francisco marathon
Route summary

The San Francisco marathon route is a road run within The United States of America. The loop covers a distance of
42.19 Kms ( 26.22 miles )
and has an elevation gain of
302 m ( 991 feet )

Getting In
Entry is through the race web site and seems easy enought to get in. We did find that suprising since it is a great city to run in, but perhaps the hills put people off.
Getting there
We flew from Edinburgh to London and then onto San Francisco. There is a good train service from the airport into the city centre so the travel bit is easy enough.
There is a
5 Kms
the day before.
Race day
San Francisco is one the world's prettiest citys and a marathon around it is bound to be good. This doesn't disappoint.
The race gets off to an early morning start just as the sun is coming up. Heading along the Embarcadero towards Fisherman's wharf and the Golden gate bridge it one of the best starts to a city marathon anywhare. We got lucky with a lovely sunny morning when we did the half marathon, but not so nice at the start of the full marathon. The weather can change a lot in San Francisco so who know's what it will be like for you.
The first half of the marathon is by far the best half and is crowned by the crossing of the Golden Gate bridge. The route over the bridge now involves using the pedestrian paths whereas when we did it some of the road lanes were closed off. Once over the bridge and back again you have some nice running close to the beaches before heading inland towards the park.
At the middle of the race you find yourself in Golden Gate park. This is nice and shaded and can be a relief if the sun is getting hot. We did find the park a bit soul destroying as there are several inclines and you don't seem to be getting anywhere in parts. The mind games of marathon running.
You leave the park inot Haight Ashbury and several long straight street sections; perhaps the park wasn't so bad after all. Just after the
32 Kms
mark you start on some of the steep downhills and these can be very hard on already tired legs. Save something for this section as it is a tough part of the race. Only for about
3 Kms
The last
3 Kms
of the race gets you back down to the waterfront and includes a section going round Oracle Park. The race finishes shortly after you have run under the Oakland Bay Bridge.
The finish
The finish is ok for a big city race and easy enough to get away from with several different means of transport. As with all these races it does get busy so make sure you know where you are going to meet up with family and friends. Nice medal.
Where to stay
We choose the Hyatt Regency as it was close to the start and finish of the race. However, the area is a bit soulless and we will stay somewhere else if we go back.
Route directions
The start

And on to the Golden gate bridge

the finish

San Francisco marathon.
San Francisco marathon. Image from San Francisco marathon
Image from San Francisco marathon
San Francisco marathon. Image from San Francisco marathon
Image from San Francisco marathon
San Francisco marathon. Image from San Francisco marathon
Image from San Francisco marathon
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