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Killin 10K race

Killin 10K race

10 Kms
Elevation gain
148.6 m
Max elevation
152 m
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Main road
0 Kms
Country road
9.5 Kms
Dirt road
0.5 Kms
Dirt path
0 Kms
0 Kms
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Directions to start point
Cost :
The base entry cost for unaffiliated runners in 2020 was 19 GBP.
When :
The race is held on a Saturday in late August.
10 Kms
Start :

Breadalbane park.

End :
Back at the park.
Style :
Size :

Usually between 300 to 500 runners.

Elevation :
148.6 m
Max Elevation :
152 m
Entry opens
Entry opens at the start of the year.
RACE DESCRIPTION - Killin 10K race
Route summary

The Killin 10K race route is a country road run within Loch Lomond and the Trossachs. The loop covers a distance of
10 Kms ( 6.21 miles )
and has an elevation gain of
149 m ( 488 feet )

Getting In
This is generally an easy race to get into even shortly before the event and entry is available on the Tay Fitness web site.
Getting there
The town of Killin is located at the south end of Loch Tay. Most people would access from the A84 heading towards Crainlarrich then taking the A827. The only public transport would be bus from Stirling.
No expo just a simple number pick up.
No pre runs but if you are staying in the area there are some good runs available.
Race day
Arriving in Killin and driving to the north side of the town you will see signposts for the parking for the run. This is in a big field just off Lyon Road and is free. From there a short walk takes you to the village hall for number and tee shirt pick up.
The start line is in the middle of the park and provides great views of the surrounding hills. This is well organsied and has a very friendly feel to it.
The race starts with the run through the village itself then over the bridge at the famous Falls of Dochart. After the bridge a sharp left turn takes you back north crossing the old viaduct and past the car park before coming onto the main A827 road heading north.
You have a short section on the main road before a left turn takes you along the single track road on the south side of the River Lochy. This is a really pleasent run up the glen before you hit the small hill at
5.7 Kms
. This short hill takes you to the turning point and back down the north side of the river back to the main road.
Once back at the main road you have just over
1 Kms
back to the park and the finish line.
The finish
Good crowds at the end of the race and plenty of places to go afterwards for something to eat or drink
Where to stay
Killin is located in a busy tourist area so there are numerous options for staying including in the village itself.
There are no directions logged for this route. This is normal if the route is a race.
Village hall
Killin 10K. 563_sm_006.jpg
Start line
Killin 10K. Quiet before the race
Quiet before the race
Start line
Killin 10K. Runners getting ready to start
Runners getting ready to start
The famous falls
Killin 10K. Runners pass over the iconic bridge
Runners pass over the iconic bridge
Small lane
Killin 10K. Short section on this rural road
Short section on this rural road
Old viaduct
Killin 10K. View from the old viaduct
View from the old viaduct
Classy medal
Killin 10K. Post race and down by the river for a beer
Post race and down by the river for a beer
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