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Running in Scotland in January

Thinking of a run in Scotland in January ? Visit Scotland informs us that December, January and February are generally the coldest months in Scotland, with the average maximum temperature usually around 5C (41F). The average number of days with snow falling in Scotland ranges from 15 to 20 days.

January has given us several of our top picutres during runs. This we assume due to the light and also a good offering of snow.

Click on the image to open a higher resolution version. If the image is part of a documented route then a link will be given to the detail of that route.

Loch Ard loop
Duchray bridge in the snow
Crossing the viaduct at Duchray with new snow on the ground.
Glen Kendrum
Glen Kendrum, a runner's paradise
One of our favourite runs though it can be tricky in the winter. This view in Glen Kendrum looking towards Ben Vorlich.
Glen Kendrum
Frozen ford on the Glen Kendrum, Glen Ogle loop
One of the frozen fords to cross in Glen Kendrum. Interestingly this looks worse than it actually was.
Cocksburn reservoir loop
Snowy running morning towards the Wallace monument
Route around the Cockburn reservoir in Stirling. Taken from the road looking towards the Wallace monument.
Cocksburn reservoir loop
Sunshine on Cocksburn reservoir running route
Not all mornings in January are covered in snow. Early sunshine at the reservoir.
Dumyat loop
From the top of Dumyat
The top of Dumyat looking east into the sunshine.
Loch Ard forest loop
Loch Ard still in the morning
Down on the shore of Loch Ard.
Cocksburn reservoir loop
Ice covered path at entrance to the reservoir
Another from the Cockburn reservoir route on a frosty morning looking at the Wallace monument.
Glen Finglas loop
Getting up close to the reservoir in Glen Finglas
The brilliant Glen Finglas loop shows off in most months.
Glen Finglas loop
Wonderful running picture taken in Glen Finglas
Looking back towards Ben Ledi just before the start of the main climb. One of our favourite pictures
Glen Finglas loop
The highest point on the Glen Finglas running route loop
Nearing the highest point on the Glen Finlgas loop. After this it is nearly all down hill.
Loch Ard forest loop
A snow covered Ben Lomond
Ben Lomond showing off it's snow covered top.
Loch Ard forest loop
A rainbow over Loch Ard
Rainbow makes an appearence over Loch Ard
Up to Lochan Breaclaich
Looking up the Glen from Lochan Breaclaich
From Killin the Lochan Breaclaich loop is a mix of everything but does offer some wonderful views.
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