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Glasgow half marathon

Glasgow half marathon

21.1 Kms
Elevation gain
116 m
Max elevation
11 m
Point to point
Route id
Main road
16 Kms
Country road
5.1 Kms
Dirt road
0 Kms
Dirt path
0 Kms
0 Kms
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Cost :

36 GBP at 2021 prices

When :
Early October
21.1 Kms
Start :

The race starts right in the heart of Glasgow in George Square. Great atmosphere at the start line.

End :
The race ends in Glasgow Green and would invlove a walk of about one mile back to George Square.
Style :
Point to point
Size :

Estimate of numbers

Elevation :
116 m
Max Elevation :
11 m
Entry opens

First half of the year

RACE DESCRIPTION - Glasgow half marathon
Route summary

The Glasgow half marathon route is a road run within Glasgow, Clyde & Ayrshire. The point to point covers a distance of
21.1 Kms ( 13.11 miles )
and has an elevation gain of
116 m ( 381 feet )

Getting In
Entry is through the race web site.
Getting there
Centre of Glasgow so multiple choices of how to get there.
Not applicable
Not applicable
Race day
We parked in the concert hall car park and made our way down across George Square and towards the bag drop. In Glasgow they use buses and we hate buses for bag drops as picking your bag up is the worst experience. If a double decker is used then avoid the upstairs. In 2019, the pick up for the bags on the buses was the worst we have experienced.
So we dropped the bag off about 45 minutes before the start and still had time to visit the toilet. If you are using the portaloos then probably best to leave a bit of extra time...sorry ladies you always have it hard at the start line.
For the start the music is up loud and usually Glasgow's own Simple Minds with Waterfront. Great song to get you started and heading up the hill that is St Vincent Street. In less than
1 Kms
you are over the top and headind down into Finniston. A couple of left turns then take you up onto the Kingston Bridge and over the Clyde for the first time of the race.
Once off the bridge and motorway you are into the rather dull Tradeston area. However, the outlook starts to improve a bit on reaching the posher Pollockshields area. And form here you get into Pollock park just after the 5KM mark. Pollock park is a nice part but watch out for the speed bumps as it seems every year we see someone trip on one of them. The park also gets you past the half way point and you exit at about
11 Kms
And from Pollock park you have just under
2 Kms
to get to the open area of Bellahouston park. The route through here seems to go all over the place as it helps to get the full distance of the route. This soon ends and you are onto Paisley Road West and going downhill which feels good knowing you are closing in on the end.
You soon hit the sides of Cessnock Park and turn into Pacific Drive and towards the Squinty Bridge. This has the crowds building up. Once across the bridge you are onto the Broomilaw then Clyde Street in what feels like a never ending street. It's acatully only
2 Kms
but feels like much more even with the large crowds.
At the end of Clyde Street a left then a right takes you into Glasgow Green and under the McLennan Arch and towards the finish line with the large crowds.
If you like half marathons, then this one should be on your list.
The finish
You finish in Glasgow Green and are greeted with large cheering crowds. This is a really nice finish as there's lots of local runners being cheered on by thier families.
If you have used the bag drop then this can be a bit of a hassle and we hope you didn't put your bag upstairs as that is a nightmare. There is also a large family reunion area and lots of things going on aroung the green.
Where to stay
Many hotels for all budgets available in the city centre to stay in.
There are no directions logged for this route. This is normal if the route is a race.
The start
Glasgow half marathon. Looking at the start and up St Vincent Street
Looking at the start and up St Vincent Street
The start
Glasgow half marathon. The crowds are gathering
The crowds are gathering
The start
Glasgow half marathon. Tension is building
Tension is building
Glasgow art
Glasgow half marathon. OK not really part of the race, but viewable down to the left at the start.
OK not really part of the race, but viewable down to the left at the start.
Squinty bridge
Glasgow half marathon. Crossing the Clyde and getting close to the finish
Crossing the Clyde and getting close to the finish
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