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Running in Scotland in December

Thinking of a run in Scotland in December ? Visit Scotland informs us that December, January and February are generally the coldest months in Scotland, with the average maximum temperature usually around 5°C (41°F). The average number of days with snow falling in Scotland ranges from 15 to 20 days

So it seems like we don't take a lot of pictures in December. Our main picture man was out injured two Decembers ago, but still leaves us wondering. Suspect it has something to do with staying closer to home or perhaps the Christmas shopping.

Use the full image button to open a larger version of the image (provided on larger screens). Where a route is associated with the image a button link is provided to open the full details.

Ben Ledi
Early morning Ben Ledi
At the start of the climb up Ben Ledi. This image taken on Christmas day morning in 2019.
Ben Ledi
Looking back towards Stirling on the Ben Ledi run
Ben Ledi again and this time looking over Callendar all the way to Stirling.
Glen Ample
Heading through Geln Ample
Currently still to be documented is the Glen Ample out and back. This picture gives you an idea of the remoteness of the route.
Cocksburn reservoir loop
Early winter sunshine
Route around the Cockburn reservoir in Stirling. Taken from the road looking towards the Wallace monument..
Loch Voil
Picture from the road alongside Loch Voil
Alongside Loch Voil. If you are looking for a long route on tarred country road this is a good one to try.
Carn Labhruinn
A beautiful winter morning out at Carn Labhruinn
Now here is a picture to love. Taken from the route to Carn Labhruinn at Arivurichardich.
Firmounth loop
Firmounth loop in Glen Tannar
Part of the route from Aboyne in Aberdeenshire this is the Firmounth loop.
Firmounth loop
Ice covered path on the Firmounth loop
Another from the Firmounth loop giving you an idea of some of the conditions you might see in December.
Loch Ard
View point overlooking Loch Ard
Looking down on Loch Ard from the wee bench spot. This part is the top of this particular hill.
Sherrifmuir loop
Part of the short trail section on the Sherrifmuir loop
Part of the Sherrifmuir loop from Stirling takes in a little bit of trail. This part leading up to the old battle ground.
Leaving Callander
The bridge over the river Teith
We have several routes starting in the town of Callander, but sometimes the river can get high. Taken from the bridge this picture shows the car park under water.
Heading out of Callander
The small quiet road heading away from the village
From Callander the early part of the small road taking you towards Loch Venachar. Cold and damp day.
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