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Running in Scotland in April

Thinking of a run in Scotland and perhaps beyond in April ? Visit Scotland informs us that you can expect average maximum temperatures to range from approximately 7C (45F) to 13C (55F) during the months of March, April and May.

April is a bit of a poor month in our collection of pictures, partly due to international marathons. However, this can be such a lovely month for a run with cool conditions and the start of spring.

The big marathon during a normal April is the Boston marathon, but don't forget about Paris, Big Sur or London. In Scotland we usually have the Striling marathon in April as well.

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Loch Doine
A dead end for the running route
One of our planning failures as we approached the end of the path on the south side of Loch Doine. The map shows a bridge, but there was no way across the stream with steep enbankments on either side. So a nice out and back and still to be documented.
Over the hill from Strathyre
View towards Balquhidder
Coming over the hill on the forest road from Strathyre with Balquhidder in the distance. Another one that has still to be documented.
Loch Earn
Road beside Loch Earn
Along the south road at Loch Earn. As most of the traffic is on the road on other side of the loch this is a real nice training route on good quality surfaces.
Uamh Mhor loop
The stairs at the top of the hill
Getting to the top of the hill on the Uamh Mhor loop within the forest. This part is so tranquil.
Overlooking Helensburgh
Looking over Helensburgh
There is more than one run on this site that takes in this particular view. This is looking up the Clyde with the town of Helensburgh shown.
Big sur marathon
Coast line on the Big Sur marathon
So not in Scotland but in California and what a run for the views. The hills of Scotland make for good training sessions for this run.
Boston marathon
Finish line for the Boston marathon
One of the six majors and a tough race to get into. This is a Monday race day taking place on Patriots in the USA. One for the bucket list.
Stirling castle
View from the Wallace monument
Taken from the Wallace monument this is the view towards the castle. We have run this many time but haven't put it into the site due the short length. Perhaps one day.
Paris marathon
Start line of the Paris marathon
The Paris marathon is a fantastic race and well worth the visit. The start line experience is perhaps one of the best there is.
Stirling marathon
Start line at the Stirling marathon
Getting ready for the start of the Stirling marathon. This is not on the site yet as every year the route seems to change.
Cocksburn reservoir loop
Lovely morning for a run at Cocksburn reservoir
A lovely sunny spring morning for the run around the Cocksburn reservoir.
Sheriffmuir loop
Path towards Bridge of Allan
Approaching Bridge of Allan on the Sheriffmuir loop run.
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