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Clauchland hills fort

7.5 Kms
Elevation gain
214.4 m
Max elevation
147 m
Route id
Main road
1.2 Kms
Country road
3.8 Kms
Dirt road
1 Kms
Dirt path
0 Kms
1.5 Kms
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Directions to start point
A short Sunday morning style of route from the centre of Brodick. As we were staying in the Douglas hotel this route starts from the hotel car park. The hotel is easy to spot in the town and sits just across from the ferry terminal.
Leaving the hotel we head up the hill on the main Arran road. This is a short distance of being on a pavement, less than
1 Kms
. You leave the main road taking a small country road on your left and from this point the run does become very nice.
Although the initial part the views are blocked by hedges, these soon open up to give much better views. We didn't seem too bothered with the horse flies on this route as we have been on Arran, but perhaps we just got lucky. This road isn't busy so it does make for some nice running.
Once over a small bridge the road changes to a dirt road from tarmac. This road eventually ends at a small building, Dunfion Bagpipes when we last did the route. The path you need to take is on the right of these buildings, just before you reach them. The route is now trail and you are heading up the hill.
This part is mostly in the trees but once it opens up you are rewarded by some lovely views all around. The old fort is a short distance from the path and clearly marked. From the trig point the views are wonderful across the whole area.
We turned and went back the way the way we came. However, there is a path off the hill towards Clachlands Point and from there a path runs along the beach before heading back inland. At this stage we have not researched if this would make a possible loop, but Arran will be visited again with additional routes added. This was plannned for 2020 but impacted by the virus. If you know this area and the loop route is possible, please let us know and we will update accordingly.
Back to Brodick and the Douglas Hotel. We enjoyed our stay at the Douglas with sitting outside on a sunny day with a glass of beer a nice reward for a day of running.
Route directions
Leave from the Douglas hotel

After leaving the hotel car park turn right on the A841. Heading east.

Take the small country road on the left

Take the path to the right of the last set of buildings

Heading up the steep part through the trees

Take the path on the left towards the top

The top. Now retrace your way

Back down the hill

Turn right at the main road back into town

Back into the hotel

And finish, perhaps with a beer outside the Douglas hotel

On route to Arran
News image
From the ferry
Small country road
News image
Initially with hedges either side
Small country road
News image
Eventually the views improve
Small country road
News image
Small bridge
Small country road
News image
Dirt road
Path through the woods
News image
Short steeper section
Path through the woods
News image
Portrait view of the path
At the top
News image
Down the hill towards Brodick
At the top
News image
Holy Isle in the distance
At the top
News image
Different view towards Brodick
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