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Skye half marathon

21.1 Kms
Elevation gain
257.8 m
Max elevation
116.4 m
Out and back
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Main road
0 Kms
Country road
21.1 Kms
Dirt road
0 Kms
Dirt path
0 Kms
0 Kms
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Directions to start point
Cost :
The cost is around GBP 25.
When :
The race occurs in early June.
21.1 Kms
Start :

At the local Portree High School

End :
Portree High School
Style :
Out and back
Size :

The total race number is generally under 700 due to call offs.

Elevation :
257.8 m
Max Elevation :
116.4 m
Entry opens
Entry opens at the end of September the year before. We entered in April and spaces were limited.
RACE DESCRIPTION - Skye half marathon
Getting In
This is popular race and does sell out. Compared to other Scottish island races this is a big event and easier to get in. There is also a good chance of getting in on the waiting list as there are a lot of call offs.
Getting there
You can drive to Skye over the bridge or take a ferry from places such as Mallaig. We drove but it is a long 5 to 6 hour drive from the central belt.
No expo but number pick up at the Portree High School.
The whole area is suitable for a wee pre run. If you stay in Dornie then you have the famous Eilean Dorin castle as a possible route.
Race day
If you are driving to the start then there is a large free car park a few hundred metres away from the start. Head into town and the car park is on the right and clearly marked.
The number pick up is in Portree High School which also offers bag drop and food. Of course there are toilets which do as usual get busy for the ladies. There is also access to showers and swimming at the end of the run. The whole race being on closed roads which is brilliant.
Race starts about 10:30. The first part of the race seems cramped but after only half a kilometer starts to open out and starts a gradual climb.
However you are facing a steep climb about
2 Kms
v out that does separate the runners. This is then followed by some nice running up to the turn point at around
11 Kms
. The route is very much out in the open with no hiding place from the weather. There are frequent water stops which are really well managed and you a guaranteed a smile and cheer. Support on the route is limited but very enthusiastic when you do pass people.
On the second half of the route you feel like you are forever running uphill though that is not the case. The hills are not too steep but seem long. On downhill sections all you see is the next climb looming up ahead. The views to the Cullins and surrounding countryside are immense. For all the up, this is a great wee run.
19.31 Kms
(12 mile marker) you start to hit the downhill back towards the village. Parts of this are hard as your legs are tired, but how cares as you are nearly there. The crowds start to build and the encouragement is brilliant as you run into the school and the finish line.
Make sure you don't run past the man with the free beer after the finish line.
The finish
Brilliant welcoming crowds, a medal, water, caramel wafer, banana and a bottle of local beer. Top all that with a pipe band and you have a great place to finish. In 2019 the sun was shinning.
Where to stay
There are lots of hotels and bed and breakfast places on and before Skye. The island is really popular with tourists at this time of the year so book as soon as you can. We stayed in Dornie at the B and B which was fab and about a one hour drive to the start.
Route directions
The start

Left onto main road

Turn left onto the A850

Right off the A850 onto smaller road

Road merges onto B885

Back into Portree

Right back at the main road

Back into the school

The end - get your free beer

The car park
News image
Short walk to the start line
The car park
News image
The car park has a great view
Start line
News image
Getting ready to go
Start line
News image
Tension building at the start
The finish
News image
Nice medal
The finish
News image
The finish line well before the start of the race
The finish
News image
This is the finish line before the race has started
The finish
News image
The medal again
The finish
News image
Heading to the finish line
The finish
News image
20 metres till your free banana
The finish
News image
The end is close
The finish
News image
Some tired looking runners aroudn the 2 hour mark
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