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Dumyat hill run

7.5 Kms
Elevation gain
394.6 m
Max elevation
389.3 m
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Main road
1.5 Kms
Country road
0 Kms
Dirt road
0 Kms
Dirt path
2 Kms
4 Kms
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Directions to start point
A run up Dumyat hill is a favourite with the good folks of Stirling, they even have a race from the university in May. The route up on this one does cover most of the race route, but we return on an easier route. This to avoid the slippy parts on the downhill. There are several ways to do this route, and this version is probably our second favourite. Hopefully the favourite will be included soon so worth checking back for the route.
From the Logie Kirk car park you have a shot
0.5 Kms
on the small tarmac road before heading off through a gap in the wall on the left. We have included pictures of this 'entrance' which is the last gap before the sharp left hand turn in the road. The path takes you over a small burn then follow the path up through the trees. Parts of this can get very slippy in wet weather. The path opens up for a short while, before going through a gate and heading up over the rocks to the right. At this point you are almost in a tunnel of bushes, but this opens out to bring you on top of the craggs with wonderful views to Stirling Castle and down the Forth. You can also see Dumyat ahead and it looks much bigger at this stage than it actually is.
Once past the craggs a short distance takes you to a small style over the wall and from this point you are out in the open. Great on a calm and sunny day, but a nightmare on wet and windy one. Follow the path across the grass and fields. It joins the new walking path just after
4 Kms
in and from here you just follow the clear path to the top.
The top itself can get slippy for the last few metres so watch out, a mix of andesite and basalt we are told. The top has a trig point, a memorial to the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders and a characteristic cairn with a beacon on top that is currently filled with stones. The beacon on the top of Dumyat was commissioned for the Queen's Silver Jubilee in 1977. Good luck to anyone who has to remove the stones to set the beacon again.
From the top this route takes you down the new walking path which apart from the walkers is not too difficult a run. This path comes out on the small road beside the entrance path to the reservoir. Ad from this point you follow the road for less than
0.5 Kms
before turning left at the tee junction. This small road leads you straight back to the car park.
Route directions
Start at Logie Kiirk car park

Turn right up the single track road

Past the old Logie Kirk

Go through the gap in the wall on the right. Last hole before sharp left turn.

Up the short slippy and steep incline

Through the gate and up to the right across the rock

Through the bush tunnel

Out onto the craggs and views. Path now curves left

Go right over the style and out into the open

Path now joins the new walking path, so turn right heading uphill.

Keep heading uphill. Short detour to right for Castle Law if you fancy extra.

And to the top and now for back down.

Keep heading down, watching for those walkers and cows

Through the gate at the bottom then left on the single track road.

At the first tee junction, turn left down the hill.

You are now on the road leading to the car park.

And you have arrived.

Logie Kirk car park
News image
Big car park but reserved for use on Sunday morning. Can also be in use for funerals or weddings so please respect the signage.
The hole in the way.
News image
The last hole in the wall before the road bends round at a 90 degree angle. Small crossign over the burn.
Slippy section
News image
This part of the route can get really slippy, but it is only for a short section
At power lines
News image
After passign under the power lines, take the path uphill to the right
Bush tunnel
News image
The path goes into a large bush for 30 metres or so. Do not panic, you will see day light again.
On top of the craggs
News image
First view point
On top of the craggs
News image
The Wallace monument in the background
Heading uphill
News image
Further up the hill
Heading uphill
News image
The hill ahead
News image
These guys can be quite a sight. Be careful when there are calfs
News image
Sometimes the locals oblige you with a good picture opertunity.
New path
News image
New path from 2018 leading up the hill
Path changes
News image
Although most of the new path is well defined, some bits are still old style.
Dumyat summit
News image
At the top there is a trig point
Dumyat summit
News image
Heading back
News image
Heading back
News image
Return view
News image
Enjoy the views on the way back.
Towards the reservoir
News image
Heading down to the road
Gate ahead
News image
Through the gate and back onto tarmac
Last look
News image
Down the road with a look back at Dumyat
Last look
News image
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