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Ardgoil peninsula

23.1 Kms
Elevation gain
1022.1 m
Max elevation
512 m
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0 Kms
Country road
0 Kms
Dirt road
15.6 Kms
Dirt path
0 Kms
7.5 Kms
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Directions to start point
Well if the second half of this run is nice then the first half can only be described as WOW.
The worst part of this run is the drive of the last few kilometres to the car park, but once you are running you are in for a treat. It's tough but very rewarding.
From the car park the route heads up hill on the Dukes Pass and the Cowal way on standard forest landrover roads for about
2.4 Kms
. You are mainly in the trees and are climbing steady and although not too steep it feels like a hard start to the run. Views back down the hill towards Loch Long can be stunning and you soon get to see a lot of the Arrochar alps around you. The road comes to a sudden end from where you cross the small bridge and start on a trail through the trees.
The trail through the trees is only about
400 m
and ends with a gate and clear markings for the Cowal Way. This road heads across the open grasslands and can be very boggy in parts. Our last run here was in the middle of a hot dry spell and we still sunk our feet several times. This part goes on for about
1.5 Kms
and takes you over the highest point before you get your first view of the route to Lochgoilhead. Still following the Cowal way makers the grass path can be very slippy on the way down.
A gate marks the end of the open section and you are back into the trees on an initially steep and tricky descent. This lasts for about
2.5 Kms
before arriving at the loch which by this time the path has become a dirt road again.
The route now heads down the side of the loch and turns back to trail as you start to gain height. The open views are blocked by entering trees again but the path opens up fully before arriving at Corran Lochan and the turning point. This section being about
5 Kms
. There is potential to take the path to the right to the peninsula, but so far we have not explored that.
After the lochan a left turn takes you into the forest with only the occasional view of Loch Long for about another
5 Kms
. This does feel rather dull after the beauty of some of the earlier parts.
With need of getting out of the trees, the route takes the path down to the loch side rather than continue on the straightest path back to the car park. This gives you a few kilometres of views up and down Loch Long and a small climb back to the car park.
We hope you enjoy this route and the weather holds for you.
Route directions
From the car park head on the dirt road past the gate.

After about 200m follow the dirt road on the right uphill.

The dirt road ends and you join the trail that heads up through the trees

A gate marks the start of the open section. Follow the white Cowal way makers.

After a while you start to descend towards Lochgoilhead

Another gate to go through and back into trees. This bit is a little technical.

Follow the signs to the left for Lochgoilhead.

And over the bridge - take a look at the rock pool on the right as you pass.

Follow the path to the left heading down the side of the loch.

Start of another slow climb and heading back into trees

Take left path on fork in the road. This is easy to miss.

Route bends round to the right

Out in the open with Corran Lochan ahead.

At the tee junction turn left.

Take the path on the right to get to the shoreline

Across the small bridge

And start to climb again

Last bit before back at the car park

And end. Now to drive back down that wee road.

The car park
News image
Large free car park
The car park
News image
Running route out of the car park
The start of the climb
News image
A long tough climb on good dirt road
The start of the climb
News image
The climb continues
News image
Onto trail path
News image
The dirt road ends suddenly and the small trail path takes over
Onto trail path
News image
View back down the glen
Onto trail path
News image
Onto trail path
News image
Trail path going up
News image
Looking down the trail path
News image
Looking down the trail path
News image
This is where it could get wet
White post markers
News image
Follow the white markers as trail is difficult to make oute
Top of the hill
News image
Towards Loch Long
Top of the hill
News image
The path forward, still the white markers
Top of the hill
News image
Back towards The Cobbler
News image
Great views when the weather is nice
Back towards The Cobbler
News image
Way in the distance
Downhill towards the tree line
News image
The grass on this section can get slippy - even in hot weather
Trail through the forest
News image
A tricky path
Follow the signs to Lochgoilhead
News image
Path starts to widen
News image
Last time we were there - stunning rock pool. One of the makes the run worth while spots
News image
Small bridge just before the waterfall
News image
Pretty in the sun
Back towards Lochgoilhead
News image
Back on a trail path
Down Loch Goil
News image
Getting higher and into the tree line
Corran Lochan
News image
First sight of the Lochan
Old quarry
News image
This is to the side of the path, you do not run over this.
News image
Loch Long and the Gareloch
News image
The oil terminal
News image
Down Loch Long towards the submarine base
Towards Arrochar
News image
Looking up Loch Long
Towards Arrochar
News image
Away from Arrochar, down Loch Long
Loch Long
News image
Starting final climb back to the car park
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