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On this page we answer some of the more common questions we have received so far.

How do you select routes to publish ?

We use a variety of resources to help locate routes, but local knowledge is best. A lot of time is spent on map searches and a lot of time lost on runs that are not worth documenting.

Who funds this site ?

The site is funded privately and carries no advertising. This will be reviewed on a yearly basis and additional sponsorship might be required in the future.


How do I access the OS map view of a route ?

OS maps views are available for UK routes for registered and signed in users. Access to the maps is available from the route map area on each run.

On certain sponsored routes access to the OS map does not require a sign in.


Where can I get a higher resolution image of one of the pictures on the site ?

From the gallery page or the route pictures section on the detail page, click the image to bring up a higher resolution image. If you would like a copy of the original resolution image then please contact us through the contact page. The ability to request a full resolution image directly has already been entered into our product backlog.

Route files

How do I get the route file for a route ?

You must be registered and logged in to access the route files. These are available on the detailed page for each route in the route map section. Expand the heading to access the button. The files provided are standard GPX files in XML format and can be used in most navigation/running applications.

Where can I use the route files ?

The route files supplied are standard GPX files which are in XML format. Most running and mapping applications let you import these directly. We will produce detailed information about most applications at a later date.

I only want to run on routes that are less than 20 Kms ?

Use the search facility on the site to restrict the page to show only the length of routes you are interested in. This can also be used to select start locations near to you.

How are the routes created ?

Once a route has been identified it is then run by one of the team. During this process the satnav data is collected along with a set of pictures. The satnav data is then processed against several applications to reduce the size, remove any non-essential data and confirm the actual route shows correctly on maps.

The data is then imported onto our file systems, descriptions added and the database updated.

On certain routes we may have to cover the run several times over.

Why is there a limited set of races available ?

The amount of time we have to cover races limits our ability to cover them all. We don't want to information based on other folks reviews whom we don't know. If there is a particular race you think should be in here, then please tell us through the contact from and let us know why.

User options

The site is all in KMs but I would rather use miles, can it change ?

The site now allows you to select data in either metric or imperial. From the menu select 'Routes' then click on 'Change units'. The option is only available on pages where data is displayed. Once you select your units it is stored as a cookie on your browser allowing the selection to stay for you.

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